MARCH 24, 2011

7:00 P.M.

School Auditorium 301 N. Main

Medford, Oklahoma 73759


Posted this  _______ day of __________, 2011, at ___________ __.m. at the main office entrance  to Wakita School Building and the school website.


NOTE: The Medford Board of Education may discuss, vote to approve, vote not to approve, vote to table, or decide not to vote on any item on this agenda.


Call to order and recording of members present and absent establish a quorum.

Discussion and vote to approve or not to approve the Joint Annexation Resolution or Consolidation Resolution  to annex the Wakita School District to the Medford School District, which Resolution will request and authorize the State Superintendent of Schools to call an election of the voters of the WAkita School District to approve or reject such proposed annexation or consolidation.

Discussion and vote to approve or not to approve the Annexation Agreement or Consolidation by and agreement between the Medford School District and the Wakita School District.

  Vote to adjourn.



Minutes Clerk